Brett Beaver and Laura Seabrooke, as the founding members, would like to introduce you to Quay Associates Pty Ltd, a Chartered Accounting firm located just outside of the Perth CBD.

We have over 23 years combined experience in the tax, accounting and business advisory industry. Over this time, we have accumulated a vast range of experience via our dealings with clients in Australia and overseas. We have also built an extremely reliable network of professional advisors to enable us to provide further service offerings to our clients.

We established Quay Associates to provide personalised tax, accounting and business advice tailored to you, with our ultimate goal of having Quay Associates become your trusted advisor – achieved through the ongoing provision of high quality and value-added services.

Despite operating in an age of such rapid technological advancement, there is a market for personal and professional tax, accounting and business advisory services. We believe that Quay Associates is in a unique position to provide our personalised professional services whether you are an individual in need of tax assistance, a new start-up, a small to medium business or a large commercial operation with a booming enterprise.

We will seek to make our point of difference a focus on family.

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“Family matters to us, both spending time with our own,
and allowing you to be with yours.”

So how does this translate to our services? Well, whether it be by offering tailored efficiency solutions for your business or taxation affairs, providing high level professional advice on an area of your business that may be “keeping you awake at night”, or simply reducing your compliance burdens, we hope that this gives you the time you need to be with your family.

We are extremely excited to be growing our practice alongside, and with the support of, our clients.